Angela has a degree in Business Studies and postgraduate qualifications in Marketing, Maths and Further Maths. She worked as a Senior Marketing Executive and ran her own business before deciding on a career change to teach Maths. Angela came to Ripley to gain some school experience as a volunteer, observing and helping pupils in Maths lessons, before applying for the course. She trained at Saint Aidan’s and Ripley and her first teaching post was as a Maths teacher at Ripley. She is now Assistant Subject Leader for KS3 Maths.


Alex has a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing. She gained some secondary school experience before applying for the course, where she was able to support small groups of pupils and deliver some lessons herself. Prior to this she had experience of helping in a library with a summer holiday reading challenge. Alex trained at Morecambe High School and Ripley and her first teaching job was English teacher at Ripley.


Callum has a degree in Economics and wanted to teach Maths. He gained some school experience in different schools before and after his interview for the course. He also completed a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course as part of his training, which was done online with Hibernia College. This helped him to develop his Maths subject knowledge. Callum was also able to teach some Economics in the sixth form on his first placement at Ripley. After a second placement at Lancaster Girls Grammar School, he gained a job at Morecambe High School where he now teaches Maths.

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