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For your application, you will need to put select a course title and code. Please make sure you input carefully – see below for full details.

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Our courses and codes

Each course we offer has a different code for the purposes of identifying it and applications on the ‘Apply’ portal. We list them all here to assist you in your application. Please ensure you select the correct code for your chosen course.

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Primary SCITT (PGCE with QTS) courses

Course Course code
Full time 5-11 years 3B2S
Part time 5-11 years AW77
Full time/Part time 3-7 years B167


Primary Apprenticeship courses

Course Code
Full Time 5-11 years A559
Full time 3-7 years E068


Secondary SCITT (PGCE with QTS) courses

Course Code
Biology 2PPK
Business Studies N503
Chemistry 2PPG
Design and technology L790
Drama X443
English 2PPF
Geography 2HGW
History 2HGZ
Mathematics 2HH7
Modern Languages (French and Spanish) H810
Music 2HH2
Physics 2PPJ
Psychology J695
Social Sciences B053


Secondary Apprenticeship courses

Course Code
Biology Q000
Business Studes D079
Chemistry J805
Design and technology S019
Drama L431
English F741
Geography G875
History U331
Mathematics E441
Modern Languages (French and Spanish) P542
Music S902
Physics E290
Psychology E042