Assessment Only

This route for those who are already trained offers the opportunity for a recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status.

Summary – Assessment Only route

The Assessment Only route enables you to gain Qualified Teacher Status whilst working in a school. You must already have experience and be meeting the expectations of the Teachers’ Standards to be able to access this course as it is not a training route. You will be employed as an unqualified teacher for the duration of assessment period which should be no longer than 12-weeks.

Assessment Only provides a fast-track route to Qualified Teacher Status for unqualified teachers providing they are already employed in a school environment. The Assessment Only route considers an individual’s past and present teaching experience and they are potentially able to qualify in a much shorter timeframe than if they were to undertake more conventional teacher training. Candidates also benefit from remaining in paid employment throughout their assessment, with the chance of improved promotion prospects after they have fully qualified, along with an increased salary (qualified teachers typically earn, on average, at least £6000 per year more than their unqualified colleagues).

Which subjects do you offer the Assessment Only route in?
Ripley ITT offers the Assessment Only route in a number of subjects and age ranges:
PRIMARY 11-16 14-19
3-7 years & 5-11 years English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, MFL, Music, Drama. Psychology, Business Studies.
What are the entry requirements?
  • GCSE grade 4/C or above in English and mathematics or an equivalent qualification.
  • Primary only GCSE grade 4/C or above in science or an equivalent qualification.
  • Honours degree.
  • Employing school willing to support this route.
  • Risk assessment to ensure that you are eligible to complete this route.
  • Significant entry checks including DBS enhanced disclosure check.
  • Submit a medical disclosure to meet the Secretary of State’s requirements for health and capacity to teach.
  • Complete a prohibition and EEA check.
  • Have taught in at least two schools demonstrating experience of working with children and young people from different backgrounds across the ability range in their chosen age ranges.
  • Be able to demonstrate that you have the suitability to teach in terms of appropriate academic capabilities and personal qualities, a positive attitude, and display professional ethics, morality and integrity.
What qualification will I gain?
  • You will gain recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) – this is the qualification required to teaching England.
What is the course structure?
  • The duration of the assessment period is between 6-12 weeks in your employing school.
  • The assessor will conduct an initial assessment (4-5 hours) and a final assessment (4-5 hours).
How much does it cost and how will I finance my studies?
  • The cost of the Assessment Only Route is £2,500 (all fees must be settled before the candidate is recommended for QTS).
  • The first payment of £1000 is taken at the initial assessment and the remainder is paid at the end of the assessment process. The route can be self-funded or paid by the employing school.
  • Although Student Loans are not available for the Assessment Only route, you may still be eligible for a Professional and Career Development Loan , which banks offer to learners to assist with tuition fees and the related costs of learning.
Anything else I need to know?
  • Your school will need to provide a suitable mentor to support your development for the duration of the assessment period.
  • The route is QTS only.
What are the considerations for the school?
  • Your school will need to provide a suitable mentor to support your development for the duration of the assessment period.
How do I apply?
  • You should first discuss the opportunity with your headteacher or a member of SLT.
  • Complete the Bay Learning Trust initial interest form here.
  • Please download and read the application guidance below which will assist you in the completion of the application form.
  • Please return the application form and Second School Declaration directly to Ripley ITT at