Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship Programme

Designed for those already employed in a school setting, this route allows you to keep earning while you train.

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Summary - Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship route

Our Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship route enables you to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) whilst working in a school. To access this route, you must therefore already be employed in a school setting. During your training year, you will be employed and paid as an unqualified teacher by your sponsoring school.

Which subjects do you offer an apprenticeship in?

Ripley ITT offers apprenticeship training in a number of subjects and age ranges:

Primary 11-16 14-19
3-7 years & 5-11 years English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, MFL, Music, Drama. Psychology, Business Studies.
What are the entry requirements?
  • GCSE grade 4/C or above in English and mathematics or functional skills level 2 and a risk assessment to establish English and/or mathematics is of a GCSE grade 4/C or above standard.
  • Primary only GCSE grade 4/C or above in science or an equivalent qualification.
  • Honours degree.
  • Employing school able to access levy funding.
  • Employing school willing to support this route.
  • Risk assessment to ensure that you are eligible to complete this route.
What qualification will I gain?
  • You will gain recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) – this is the qualification required to teach in England.
  • We do not normally recommend that apprenticeship candidates undertake a PGCE during their training period due to workload.
What is the course structure?
  • The course will begin in May or July and run until September the following year.
  • You will teach four days per week Monday-Thursday in your employing school.
  • You will receive centre-based training every Friday during your apprenticeship year.
  • You will also complete a short three-week placement in another school during your apprenticeship year.
How much does it cost and how will I finance my studies?
  • The cost of training is covered by the apprenticeship levy funding so is free to the apprentice.
  • You will be paid as a full-time unqualified teacher for the duration of the programme by your employing school.
  • Additional funding is available for priority secondary subjects; this will normally be used to support the apprentice’s salary. The table below illustrates funding available for 2022/23:
Subject Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship Funding
Physics £15000
Mathematics £15000
Chemistry £15000
Computing £15000
Design and Technology £6000
Geography £6000
MFL £6000
Biology £1000
Anything else I need to know?
  • You will be expected to teach whilst you train and must be confident in your capacity to be able to do this.
  • You are unlikely to be a supernumerary member of staff and will be responsible for classes.
  • Your school will need to provide a suitable mentor to support your development.
  • You are paid full time over the school year and will be expected to complete learning tasks during some school holiday time.
  • You will be entitled to your substantive role at the end of the apprenticeship should you decide not to teach or if there is no suitable teaching role available.
  • Employers can directly recruit an apprentice to staff a teaching vacancy.
  • You will start your apprenticeship in the summer term and complete programme the following summer.
  • The route is QTS only.
What are the considerations for the school?
  • The apprentice must be released for ‘off the job’ training each Friday and enabled to complete a 3-week training placement.
  • A suitably qualified mentor must be available to attend mentor training and support the apprentice’s progress.
How do I apply?
  • You should first discuss the possibility of an apprenticeship with your headteacher or a member of SLT.
  • You should then contact Ripley ITT to discuss the possibilities.
  • All applications are done through the DfE’s ‘Apply‘ website.