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The various routes into Initial Teacher Training can be complex. Read our easy to follow guide to find out which options are best for you.

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Read the following prompts to make sure you set you off on the right route. Below these you will find a short summary of each of our programmes:

  • Postgraduate teaching apprenticeship route
  • Provider-led SCITT route
  • Assessment only route
  • Accredited School Direct route with South Cumbria School Direct
Are you already employed in a school setting?

If so, you may be eligible to train via our postgraduate teaching apprenticeship route or our assessment only route (from September 2022).

If you have teaching experience and think you are already meeting the Teachers’ Standards, then the assessment only route (from September 2022) is probably your best choice. Please be aware that this is not a training route. We will simply assess your practice with the support of your school to make a recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

If you wish to continue working in your school setting and train alongside your current role, you might want to look at our postgraduate teaching apprenticeship route. This allows you to keep working and earning at the same time. Please note, you MUST already have employment in a school to apply for this route. Your school must also be willing to support your application for the apprenticeship

If you are not currently employed in a school setting, are a career changer, or recent or soon to be graduate, then the best option for you is our provider-led SCITT route. If you live or wish to train in South Cumbria, you may like to consider a School Direct route through our partner South Cumbria School Direct whom we accredit to deliver their training programme.

Summary of each route:

Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship route

Our Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship route enables you to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) whilst working in a school. To access this route, you must therefore already be employed in a school setting. During your training year, you will be employed and paid as an unqualified teacher by your sponsoring school. You will benefit from training from Ripley ITT and be supported by your sponsoring school. There is also the opportunity for a short placement in another school. Find out more about our Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship route.

Provider-led SCITT route

This route is for those who wish to change career or are recently graduated. If you are still studying now, you can begin training with us in the September following completion of your degree and should apply during your final year. You will benefit from training from Ripley ITT and from our partnership establishments with your training made up of two placements in different schools over the year. We offer this provider-led route in both primary and a range of secondary subjects. Find out more about our Provider-led SCITT route.

South Cumbria School Direct accredited by Ripley ITT

The School Direct experience through South Cumbria School Direct is very similar to the Ripley ITT SCITT route. Training begins in September and you will spend the majority of your training time in your placement schools. You should consider this route if you live or wish to train in the South Cumbria region. Find out more about our accredited School Direct route.

Assessment only route

The Assessment Only route enables you to gain Qualified Teacher Status whilst working in a school. You must already have experience and be meeting the expectations of the Teachers’ Standards to be able to access this course as it is not a training route. You will be employed as an unqualified teacher for the duration of assessment period which should be no longer than 12-weeks.

Assessment Only provides a fast-track route to Qualified Teacher Status for unqualified teachers providing they are already employed in a school environment. The Assessment Only route considers an individual’s past and present teaching experience and they are potentially able to qualify in a much shorter timeframe than if they were to undertake more conventional teacher training. Candidates also benefit from remaining in paid employment throughout their assessment, with the chance of improved promotion prospects after they have fully qualified, along with an increased salary (qualified teachers typically earn, on average, at least £6000 per year more than their unqualified colleagues)Find out more about our Assessment only route.