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Our support

Teaching is a challenging career. We make sure your journey begins well with exemplary pastoral and academic support to help you through your training year.

Find out how we will support you

Our support begins with your application…

Ripley ITT prides itself on the personalised support that each trainee, apprentice or assessment only candidate receives. Our team has many years experience of school leadership and classroom practice which we can draw on to support in a variety of ways. Even before you begin your course, you will be guided through the application process and on-boarding period by Ripley ITT’s induction tutors who will ensure you have any concerns answered in a timely manner. We will work with you on an individual basis to overcome any obstacles to accessing the course and put you in touch with your new trainee colleagues so you can get to know them. They will become a real source of support throughout your training journey together. You may also decide to coordinate travel and accommodation requirements should you wish to prior to September.

…increases as you begin your course…

Once you start your programme, trainees and apprentices will have a personal tutor who will always be available to support you through regular tutorials. As the Ripley ITT team works flexibly, we will be able to provide these to fit around your family and placement / employment requirements. Your personal tutor will be able to support your academic needs or broker suitable additional support, if needed. They will visit you in your school placements and give you feedback on your teaching, as well as being available to give advice on any aspect of the course or your progression. Within your school setting, you will also have mentor support from specially trained and experienced school staff who will give you feedback on your teaching and progress as well as keeping an eye on your general integration into the profession.

In addition, Ripley’s HEI partner will provide personalised support to ensure that you can engage effectively with the PGCE aspect of the programme.

As all our team are experienced practitioners, we know the stains and stresses of the teaching profession. We therefore incorporate preparation for managing these pressures into your training so that you have the skills and resilience to flourish both during and beyond your training year. Bespoke sessions on well-being, organisation and self-care are delivered at key points during the year and these are constant themes of our programme. There is relentless focus on trainee wellbeing and managing reasonable workload, so we aim to ensure that we only focus on what really matters on the journey to being an effective teacher.

…and onwards to achieving your first post.

As the time for applying for jobs approaches, the Ripley ITT team offers a full range of training to ensure you are prepared for this crucial few months. From sessions on drafting application letters, to feedback on lesson plans, advice from serving headteachers and mock interviews, we work with you to guarantee you are as prepared as you can be to shine at interview. Our employment figures speak for themselves with 100% of those wishing to work in the education sector our trainees in 2022/23 being successful in achieving employment during their training year.